In the midst of all the attractions of the Otways hinterland, you’ll be amazed you’ve managed to stay away for so long. And you’ll surely begin to plan your return visit straight away! Come down in winter, when the waterfalls are raging with their massive collections of rain. Or visit in summer, when they lay more gently on the spirit, inspiring still, each in their rapturous fall. Be charmed by the soft lights of the Melba Gully glow worms as you wonder past then in the evening or early morning. Or visit Lake Elizabeth, where the trunks of trees long drowned stand sentry to the purity of the forest and where platypus paddle shyly about their business.

See historic mansions dotted across the landscape, old and bold in bluestone. Some are open to visit – Barwon Park near Winchelsea, one of the premier National Trust buildings of Victoria; and Tarndwarncoort near Birregurra, now affectionately known as Tarndie and home of the first Aussie sheep, the Polwarth. The seasonal markets of Deans Marsh, Winchelsea, Birregurra, Colac, Kawarren, Gellibrand and others; galleries filled with Otways inspired pieces; boutique breweries with their quirkily named beers; and the wineries of the Otway Harvest Trail scattered across the hinterland, waiting for you to discover how our unique conditions help them create such incredible wines.

Take the rainforest trail at the Otway Fly and find yourself way up in the misty heights of the majestic Blackwood and Mountain Ash. Feel the gentle sway of the cantilevered walkway as the valley falls below! Untold attractions await in the Otways Hinterland.

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