Now this if fun! Come and join this exciting and growing trend by booking your accommodation in a glamping tent. Find your favourite hinterland spot and let your glamping company show you just how easy and comfy camping can be. They will set up a beautiful bell tent at your camp site, complete with real bed, carpet floor, dining setting and camp fire. They can even arrange for food and wonderful local beverages to be provided if need be (and can you think of just one reason why not?).

Or try one of the more established, semi-permanent accommodation options. There is even a beautifully fitted out Airstream on offer here in the Otways, and that includes a bathroom under the same roof! Oh yeah. You might see a kangaroo or two bounding past over evening drinks, or share your breakfast view with a serenely munching koala above!

What better way to soak up the full Otways hinterland experience than relaxing by a campfire out front of your luxury glamper. Gooey marshmallows are surely a must!