Around The Otways


The natural beauty of the Otways hinterland region makes it a genuinely unique area of Victoria. As a result, this sets it apart as a major tourist destination for visitors wanting to find what’s around the Otways hinterland. Therefore, it’s hard to imagine how you could beat the sense of wellbeing, reconnecting with the natural world of the Otways. Wandering through our fabulous Otways rain forests, seeking out magical creatures and letting the immense trees envelope you with peace.

Grab your camera and seek out some of the amazing wildflowers and fungi in the Great Otway National Park. Also discover cathedral like majesty when entering the hushed silence of the Giant Redwoods forest. The pristine creeks and rivers, sometimes gentle, other times fearsome in their race to the sea. Waterfalls, awesome in their perpetual collapse to pools below. Even more, you are sure to find a wealth of activities and attractions as you explore the Otways and the Great Ocean Road hinterland. It’s no wonder the region is so popular for weddings and events, also creating delightful memories for all involved.

The Otways are sure to welcome you. With our array of pubs and bars, restaurants and cafes, wineries, and even a craft brewery or two, you will not be left wanting for sustenance! Perfectly suited for short tours and coming back for a little indulgence to your inviting Otways accommodation in the hinterland at the end of the day.