Don’t get us wrong, we LOVE the Great Ocean Road. It’s incredible! But, by sticking to The Road, so many visitors to this marvellous region miss some of the finest accommodation & attractions of the region.

We’re here to make sure you are not one of them.

Come on…let’s start by showing you choices to choose from below.

There is a plethora of accommodation choices, attractions, activities, tours, wineries and breweries, restaurants and cafes bursting with local produce at your fingertips just a quick turn off The Road. The Otways is celebrated for its superb natural beauty…tree ferns seemingly a mile high stretching out of the valleys; straight and majestic Mountain Ash trees reaching for the stars; enormous age old Myrtle Beech trees, standing firm, heroes of the rainforest. It is impossible not to be awed by these ancient forests. Waterfalls tumble from meandering creeks into pristine pools; newly formed lakes gently lap the skeletons of trees – home for the incredible platypus. Bush walks lined with glow worms light your way in the deepening evening light. Keep a look out for the delightful Otway Black Snail, endemic to the region and seen nowhere else in the world. Fabulous!

And of course, there’s us! The people of the Otways hinterland are a special breed. We know you’ll need to stay, so we offer some delightfully welcoming places to help you explore the area at your leisure. We are ready to show you around our attractions with all manner of tours. Activities abound from bush walks to mountain biking, birdwatching to fishing, even an iconic tree top walk! Platypus tours are a truly exceptional Otways experience. And the cool climate brings a very special something to our many wineries. Come and buy some local produce at one of the many farm gate stalls along the way. Or maybe even dine at one of the worlds’ top 50 restaurants!

Come on…let us show you just what you’ve been missing!