Caravan Parks


You won’t believe the incredible night skies here in the Otways. Get yourself away from the city lights and they positively light your way! And camping in one of our caravan parks can just be the best way to see them, with a simple flick back of the tent flap for a gobsmacking bedside view! You may already have your little house on your back with your own caravan; or perhaps you’d prefer the comfort of staying in one of our parks’ onsite cabins, deluxe villas or even motel style accommodation rooms, saving all that towing through the hinterland on your way here. For some at least, there’s nothing too relaxing about that!

With powered sites for your own caravan or camper van and some great little spaces on site for pitching your tent, you’ll discover a number of caravan parks here in the Otways hinterland, offering friendly and affordable accommodation.