The Otways hinterland is ideal for self-drive tours throughout an amazing landscape. The temperate rainforests of the Otway Ranges fill your soul with wonder as you contemplate the age old wisdom of immense Mountain Ash. What stories they could tell from all they have seen pass under their limbs. The towering tree ferns of Turtons Track thrill with their immense reach to the sky.

Lake Elizabeth, one of our youngest lakes, seduces with the promise of a glimpse of monotreme – that amazing egg laying, duck billed, beaver tailed, densely furred, swimming and otter footed, crazy little platypus – our just lovely, and purely Aussie creature. Head on down to the coast at Cape Otway and take one of the guided tours of the lighthouse and surrounds. Make sure you look for koalas in the trees along the way. You’ll need more than two hands and feet to count them all!

There are a myriad of stopping points across the Otways hinterland – wineries, cafes and restaurants, general stores and berry picking farms, chocolatiers and makers of cheese. Even a sheep farm which offers fun farm tours for the kids, and tours of their historic homestead.