Wineries & Breweries

Now you are talking! It’s not all about food and trees down here you know! We have been known to excel in the beverage making department too – forgive us for bragging, but we reckon our hinterland wineries and breweries are outstanding.

The hinterlands rolling hills and well drained soils, reliable rainfall and mild Otways summers create perfect conditions for our fabulous cool climate wines. Award winning Shiraz, Pinot and Riesling abound in this neck of the woods – you just must discover it for yourselves.

And is there some secret in the pristine Otways water which brings that special edge to the beers created here? Or maybe our brewers are just very, very clever. Whatever it is, if you don’t mind a beer you’ll love tasting ours!

Our wineries and breweries are just another great reason to visit the hinterland. Stay long enough to make sure you get to choose YOUR favourite!